Jeremy Goes Nuts for SquirrelCross!

words: John McComisky
image: Neon Velo

28 year old Jeremy Durrin, originally from Massachusetts and of the proper pro Neon Velo team, is the first of the flamethrowers to put his hat in the ring and enter the upcoming Squirrelcross event in Dunfermline. 

The event held on Saturday the 26th of August is the first cross event ever held in the park.

His palmares is super impressive having been a major force in US cyclocross before turning his attentions to Europe and World Championship cross events.

Durrin has visited Scotland before from his English base and lapped up the excitement and enthusiasm of the final Dig in at the Dock event held in Bo’ness.

Jeremy will be accompanied at the event by cycling Svengali James McCallum and both are up for the challenge of the compact Pittencreiff venue.

The mile long circuit has benefitted from the input of David Hamill and there is now a full mile long circuit and a course that will hold 80 riders per race.

Entries are filing up nicely, with a surge over the last couple of days.

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