Hot Ticket

Dig in at the Dock (21st Feb '16) - Entry opens on 8th Dec

Dig in at the Dock cyclocross race (sponsored by Pedal Power) will open entries for the 2016 edition at 7pm on Tuesday the 8th of December via Entry Central. The race is the hottest ticket for cyclocross riders in Scotland and tends to sell out in a matter of minutes. If you want to enter the race then it’s strongly advised that you put this date and time in your diary. You'll kick yourself if you miss out on the race on 21st February 2016!

180 first-come first serve places and then…
There will be a total of 230 places available in total across 2 races. Riders will be placed into either the A or the B race dependent on their past performances.

The first 180 entries will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. After this further entries will go into a waiting list. The last 50 places will be invited into the race from this list by the organisers Dave Hamill and Pete Ward.

Hamill explained the reason for this approach and why he’s announcing it so far in advance.
“Organising this race is amazingly rewarding, but it comes with some headaches we create for ourselves by making the event so popular. One of those is the fact that the race sells out really quickly. This in turn leads to a lot of people contacting us to say they missed the announcement, lost their Wifi connection, their dog ate their homework and so on. We want to make sure we give everyone a good chance of getting an entry. But we also recognise that the race won’t stay popular by accident. We have to nurture it.

There are people who give up a lot of time to make cyclocross happen in Scotland. I don’t want to risk shutting them out of our race. Pete and I need to say thank you to those people for putting on races for us and giving back to them is the best way we can do this. We want them in our race.

There are also top riders who give the race some prestige and make it a spectacle for the locals to watch. We’re very mindful of the fact that most of the people standing watching the race are locals not cyclists and we put a lot of effort into getting them down to the dockside. We also want to positively discriminate to the benefit of female entrants and those who raced in previous rounds of the Super Quaich series. 

But if your name’s not on that waiting list then you ain’t getting invited in, so get your name in there on Entry Central and there’s every chance you’ll get to ride. It’s not over until I start singing. It’s OK I won’t sing, but you get what I mean.”

The Super Quaich series
This year the race completes the new four-round Super Quaich Cyclocross series which has shot an extra level of positivity into the arm of cyclocross racing in Scotland. The series is a step away from age category races; instead it puts all riders of similar ability into the same race. The result is more competitive and close racing from the top of the field right down to the bottom.

You can find out more about the Super Quaich at and for regular updates you can follow Dig in at The Dock on Facebook and Twitter.

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Belgian 'Cross, Scottish Style!

New Cyclocross Series in Scotland for 2016

The Super Quaich Cyclocross Series is a brand new four-round format for the cyclocross racing scene in Scotland. It will run in January and February 2016. The Series will run at the following dates and venues:

* 17th Jan -  Rouken Glen Park, Giffnock
* 24th Jan – Rozelle Park, Ayr
* 7th Feb –  Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy
* 21st Feb – Dig in at the Dock, Bo’ness

With cyclocross in Scotland already running an incredibly well attended regional league as well as a Scottish Championship, the Super Quaich Cyclocross Series organisers collectively wanted to come up with another format to complement the existing events. And at the same time experiment with new ways to innovate, encourage and offer riders an extended calendar of races through January and February 2016.

The Super Quaich Cyclocross Series will provide close racing throughout its A-race and B-race format, which will allow riders regardless of age or gender to be actually racing one another for position and overall Series placing.

Individual race organisers David Hamill, Jim Cameron, Chris Johnston, John Paul Baxter and John McComisky all have experience and pedigree in promoting cyclocross races which not only the riders savour but the local community can get involved with too.

You can be assured of challenging, demanding and technical courses, along with slick race organisation and a carnival atmosphere.

These attributes alone will ensure that these events will continue to raise the bar even higher on the race scene in Scotland.

The Super Quaich Cyclocross Series will simply be four events “Run by Racers for Racers”

There will be 100 riders in each A-race and the number of riders in the B-race will be left for the individual race organiser to decide based on what the course can safely tolerate on the day.

The Super Quaich Cyclocross Series organisers will harvest the season-long data from Mark Young at myeventtiming to seed and grid all entrants in the four-round series, thus offering the most accurate and fair way of selecting the appropriate A or B race category. Riders therefore don’t get to choose which level of race they enter.

Series points will be allocated to 150 riders at each event. This means that everyone in the A race and the top 50 or so riders in the B race will be allocated series points.

The 1st rider in the B race will be allocated the points position behind the last finisher in the A race.
Each rider’s worst race placing across the 4 races will be discounted from their overall points tally.

There will be no age or gender categories in the race; the senior men, females, junior men and veteran riders will all ride against other riders of the same ability and receive series points based on how they placed.

The possibility of promotion/relegation will follow each race. The top 5 riders in the B race will be promoted in front of the last 5 riders in the A race.

Prize Fund and Sponsorship
There will be no title sponsorship of the Super Quaich Cyclocross Series. This allows individual organisers to put together their own packages to suit individual requirements, such as Raffle, Spot Prize or product placement.

Each Super Quaich Cyclocross Series organiser will assign £1 per entry toward an end-of-series prize fund, this allows trophies to be given to the series winners in the Male and Female classes. A perpetual trophy for the Champion to hold for the duration of their reign and a commemorative one for them to keep as a permanent symbol of their victory.

Equal cash prizes will also be given to the top Male and Females in the series standings.

Full rules and information are available at:

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To the Flag: Paisley Velo Disbanded

words: Willie Cosh
pics: The Press Room

One of the most successful Scottish cycling teams of recent years has decided to disband. They've been at the forefront of many races across most disciplines and they've featured strongly in our image galleries so we'll be sorry to see them go. That said, we can't wait to see what comes next and how the plans for the West of Scotland TT League aim to shake up the Scottish time trial scene. (editor)

2013 TTT Champions

It’s official! Paisley Velo Race Team is to be disbanded. After four years, the big adventure is over. At the last count, Paisley Velo Race Team jerseys were seen on the podium at national events: thirty times on the track and road and many times at other open events all over the place. Every single one of the original ‘cast’ won a national medal, bar one, and he went on to win two amateur golf opens so, all in all, we did okay. One rider also made the national team at the Commonwealth Games.

Two personal highlights will live on with me:
Firstly, the National Team Time Trial two years ago is very memorable, when Ian Sim, Ben Peacock, Peter Murdoch and Chris Smart won gold. It was a pleasure to be there (following in the car) when a team of that calibre became champions.

(l) Peter Murdoch at Kilmacolm; ® Gerry McGarrity and Ben Peacock at the Icebreaker

Secondly, over five years, it was a privilege being close to Ben Peacock on his journey from a raw club cyclist with the Johnstone Wheelers, to becoming a Scottish Champion in three different events; Team Time Trial, 10 Mile TT and Individual Pursuit on the track. He picked up a runners-up trophy two weeks ago at the Infiniti West of Scotland TT League presentation and that will probably be his last award in Scotland before he moves to the USA, in the Spring.

I would also like to pay tribute to Jamie Kennedy, Scott McCrossan and Peter Murdoch who without much, or any, support, kept winning or doing well in significant road races all over the UK, and kept the PVRT flag flying – also remember Pedro’s stage win in the Tour of Majorca – superb!

Scottish Olympic TT Champion Chris Smart

Most of the team riders are starting again next year with a new name and format but I’ll let them fill the details in when they’re ready. All I can do is wish them the very best for success and enjoyment.

Jamie Kennedy tackles this year's Logie Kirk hill climb

I have decided to stay with Paisley Velo Cycling Club and help the committee run what has become a big club with a lot of potential for the future. The West of Scotland TT League will take up most of my time from now on and look out for big developments and announcements very soon. We have a knowledgeable and very ambitious committee who will make things happen for the Scottish TT community over the next few years.

Peter Murdoch: Scottish 25-Mile TT Champion 2014

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On Top of the World

Sam Robinson Memorial RR

report: Sean Gordon

John Archibald of Pro Vision Cycle Clothing showed his class, again, by taking the win in Sunday’s Sam Robinson Memorial. He displaced his breakaway companions on the race’s final climb, the Dukes Pass, to win from Scottish Junior Road Race Champion, Grant Martin of Spokes RT, and keep up his 100% win rate since coming back from an injury earlier in the season.

The heat was on right from the first ascent of the Braes of Greenock, then over the Top of the World, but it wasn’t until the first few climbs had been completed that the selection was made with two groups comprising nine riders breaking away near Balfron.

Archibald was left to chase the first group on the road and by the second time up the Braes of Greenock it was all together at the front with groups splintering away behind.  But it was the Dukes Pass where the race was decided and Archibald made good on the pre-race expectations by taking his second win in as many races.

With Archibald scheduled to appear at next week’s Tour of the Lammermuirs, it looks as if he may be adding a third late season win on the east coast.

Full results:

Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race - 2015
Pos No Name Team   Cat Time
John Archibald Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 2nd 02:33:11
Grant Martin Spokes Racing Team 2nd 15
Neil Scott Dundee Thistle RC 2nd 40
Richard McDonald Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 2nd 01:23
Gavin Dempster Glasgow Green Cycle Club 2nd 01:26
Alan Dean Edinburgh RC 2nd 01:31
Alastair McNicol 2nd 01:36
Tim Blathwayt Velo Club Edinburgh 3rd 01:48
David Reed Granite City RT 2nd 01:54
Gavin Shuttleworth Project 51 2nd 02:16
Alister Watt Granite City RT 2nd 02:40
Jason Roberts Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 2nd 03:12
Lewis Duff Glasgow Couriers 2nd st
Ross Crook Edinburgh RC 2nd st
Greig Brown Team Thomsons Cycles 2nd 04:32
Benjamin Crawshaw GJS Cruise Racing 3rd 05:14
Lewis Oliphant Velo Club Edinburgh 2nd 05:37
David Gleave East Kilbride Road Club 2nd st
Mattias Barnett Spokes Racing Team 2nd 05:39
Calum Kennedy Edinburgh RC 2nd 05:40
Kris Lindsay Velo Club Edinburgh 2nd st
Scott Newman Glasgow Couriers 3rd st
Andrew Bruce Kinross CC 2nd 05:43
Richard McGhee Glasgow Nightingale CC 3rd 05:47
Jonathan Gamwell Glasgow University Cycling Club 3rd st
Gary Davidson East Kilbride Road Club 2nd 05:54
Aidan Quinn Project 51 2nd 06:05
Ian Archibald Team Thomsons Cycles 3rd 06:10
John MacLeod Spokes Racing Team 2nd 06:41
Sean Gordon Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 2nd 07:04
Sean Stead Glasgow Nightingale CC 3rd 07:15
Calum Johnston East Kilbride Road Club 2nd 12:36
Gregg OMalley Glasgow Couriers 3rd 12:39
Ronnie Burns VC Glasgow South 3rd 12:40
Richard Provan Glasgow Couriers 3rd st
Keith Greenwood Pedal Power RT 3rd 12:47
Alan Mcbride Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 3rd 12:49
George Roberts Icarus Racing 3rd 12:51
Craig McCulloch East Kilbride Road Club 2nd 14:49
David Fickling Glasgow Nightingale CC 4th 19:39
Danny Hedley Moray Cycle Racing Team 2nd 22:35
William Turner Falkirk 3rd st
Sean Botha Glasgow Ivy CC 4th 25:20
David Blockley VC Astar Anderside 3rd 28:49
Colin McPhee Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 4th 43:49

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Jewel of the Cairngorms

Bike Station Ballater  Falling Leaves Stage Race

(words: Sean Gordon)
(images: Andrew Innes)

Autumn is upon us...

Fraser Martin (Spokes RT) was rewarded for a weekend of attacking riding with the overall victory, and a stage win, in the Ballater Falling Leaves Stage Race this weekend. Sitting only 6-seconds down on stage winner Craig Wallace (Infisport-Alavanet) after Saturday morning’s prologue, Martin was well within contention, but was arguably still the underdog in the race.

The first road stage saw a breakaway that was established early that had two and a half minutes at one point. However with Martin in 2nd place overall it was left to his Spokes team to chase down the break on the last lap, causing controversy as one of their teammates, Sean Noon, was in the move. It was only Gavin Shuttleworth (Project 51), Alister Watt (Granite City RT) and Scott McCrossan (Paisley Velo RT) that managed to hold off the charging peloton, meaning that the time gaps were still tight into the second day.

Again the break of the day was established early doors on the second road stage. With the expectation of another episode of ‘The Craig Wallace Show’ it was up to the other contenders to take him on. In the end Craig’s efforts were too little, too late as the breakaway held on with Fraser Martin winning the second stage to take the overall and underlining his place at the top of the pile in Scottish road racing.

A great season for Fraser Martin

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The King of Cross

Beveridge Park Grand Prix of Cyclocross

words: Anthony Robson
pics: The Press Room

Davie Lines takes to the air over the jumps
There can be few more recognisable faces of Scottish Cyclocross than John McComisky who, with his
erstwhile Dig In colleague Davie Hamill, has done much to create and maintain a buzz around the sport in Scotland. With his move from south of the river to the fair Kingdom of Fife, there were a few who wondered how long it would be before the itch of organising a race would have to be scratched. The answer was simply 'not long', and under the guise of Portage Cycling, with the ample aid of Fife Council, he has brought a new event to the calendar that many will hope becomes a regular feature.

JMC: King of 'Cross

With a starting field of 113 riders taking part in a single race there could have been fears of becoming bogged down in bottlenecks of traffic. But the long sweeps of the course, and the generous width for the majority, stretched the field and ensured that any passing of backmarkers was primarily without fuss. The starting straight of tarmac, into the long uphill righthand turn also ensured that matters were thinned, and gave space for some to be caught out by the first dusty turn onto offroad, winding up on the deck.

Perennial winner Brendan Roe
The crowd was generous throughout, and with the sun shining the whole time, and music providing a constant backdrop through the PA loudspeakers, the numbers were swelled, with the slightly odd sight at a 'cross race of groups of people sitting by the side in t-shirts and shorts. That crowd wasn't to be disappointed as it was treated to winning 'cross demonstrations of the highest order.

In the men's field there was the familiar form of David Lines (Velosure Starley Primal) hitting out from the starting whistle. His best lap was his second, turning the screw on those behind as soon as possible, gaining time, then holding it all the way to the chequered flag. His winning margin was a minute and a half over Allan Clark (Leslie Cycles) in second, with Gary McCrae (Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique) just four seconds further back, but comfortably in third.

Fifer Eileen Roe back to the dark side of the sport
For the women there was a welcome return to Scottish 'cross of Eileen Roe (Wiggle Honda). Despite taking a tumble on the last corner, and quite significantly banging up her knee, she plundered a two-minute lead over the impressive Anne Ewing (WV Breda). Third spot went to the irrepressible Maddy Robinson (Velo Club Moulin).

Finished on one leg and carried to the podium…class!
In the sunshine of the hoped-for beginnings of an Indian summer, Portage Cycling and Fife Council have created an event that has proved an instant success. There was a feeling of relaxed enjoyment, mixed in with the close racing. For the spectators the wrapping round of the course, creating the necessary distance within a remarkably small but varied area, meant the chance to view most of what was going on from single viewpoints. The large field created a constant stream of cyclists passing by after the first lap. And while the heat had more than a few of the competitors dreaming of hail-lashed Irvine, sub-zero Knockburn, or mudfest Lochore, this is just the type of event to move that buzz about the sport into the viewing public.

Mark Barnett: happy to finish
The real business of the Scottish Series is almost upon us, but events like this clearly have their place. The number of riders gridding up, and the number of spectators drinking it in, made that abundantly clear. Jokn, it appears, is something of a cyclocross Midas.

Davie Lines: getting the win between trips to Eurobike and training in Mallorca.



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