Big Names for Bo'Ness!

Jeremy Durrin to Race Dig in at the Dock!

After securing both Helen Wyman and Amira Mellor for their race in Bo’ness, the organisers of Dig in at the Dock have now confirmed top US cyclocross pro Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo) will also be taking the start line at their race on the 19th of February 2017.

Durrin is currently ranked 59th in the UCI World rankings and has been enjoying some great results this season, having taken some podium places in UCI races (denying US National Champion Jeremy Powers a step in the process).

Organisers Dave Hamill and Pete Ward are remaining tight-lipped about the prospect of other big names but said they are confident the front of the race will be competitive.

Hamill explained the background to this latest announcement.
“We want everyone who races at Bo’ness to have a really positive experience. And because so many do, word spreads around about how great it is. In this case, we have Jimmy (James McCallum) to thank. He won the first ever race here and always tries to come along despite his hectic schedule. Jimmy is Jeremy’s coach and has been telling him about our race for some time now. It’s great to hear Jeremy wants to come to the race this season. I just need to try and coax Gaby (Jeremy’s wife) out of retirement now as well!”

Durrin had this to say:
“When I was offered the opportunity to come up to Scotland to do some CX racing in February, I said I will most definitely be there. As an American CX racer, I get to travel all over the US which is great, but coming to Scotland and checking out the CX up there will be a lot of fun. I've heard great things about it and the weather is perfect for some good old fashioned CX throw downs! 
Plus my coach (James McCallum) will be racing and it's always great to show him what’s up and put him in the pain cave, since he does that to me all year long!”

Scotland has a strong cyclocross scene

So will there be further announcements?
“We’re working on a few angles, but have nothing confirmed yet” said Hamill.
“The people who make decisions about the National Trophy calendar won’t award a round to Scotland because they think nobody will make the journey. But really, they are the only people who are disinterested in the scene here and they shouldn’t confuse their desire for an easy life with what’s best for cyclocross. Anyone who comes to Scotland to race knows it’s worth the trip.”

Dig in at the Dock is the final race in the Super Quaich cyclocross series. In just its second season, the popularity of the series has exploded with entries for races selling out within minutes of opening.
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