To the Flag: Paisley Velo Disbanded

words: Willie Cosh
pics: The Press Room

One of the most successful Scottish cycling teams of recent years has decided to disband. They've been at the forefront of many races across most disciplines and they've featured strongly in our image galleries so we'll be sorry to see them go. That said, we can't wait to see what comes next and how the plans for the West of Scotland TT League aim to shake up the Scottish time trial scene. (editor)

2013 TTT Champions

It’s official! Paisley Velo Race Team is to be disbanded. After four years, the big adventure is over. At the last count, Paisley Velo Race Team jerseys were seen on the podium at national events: thirty times on the track and road and many times at other open events all over the place. Every single one of the original ‘cast’ won a national medal, bar one, and he went on to win two amateur golf opens so, all in all, we did okay. One rider also made the national team at the Commonwealth Games.

Two personal highlights will live on with me:
Firstly, the National Team Time Trial two years ago is very memorable, when Ian Sim, Ben Peacock, Peter Murdoch and Chris Smart won gold. It was a pleasure to be there (following in the car) when a team of that calibre became champions.

(l) Peter Murdoch at Kilmacolm; ® Gerry McGarrity and Ben Peacock at the Icebreaker

Secondly, over five years, it was a privilege being close to Ben Peacock on his journey from a raw club cyclist with the Johnstone Wheelers, to becoming a Scottish Champion in three different events; Team Time Trial, 10 Mile TT and Individual Pursuit on the track. He picked up a runners-up trophy two weeks ago at the Infiniti West of Scotland TT League presentation and that will probably be his last award in Scotland before he moves to the USA, in the Spring.

I would also like to pay tribute to Jamie Kennedy, Scott McCrossan and Peter Murdoch who without much, or any, support, kept winning or doing well in significant road races all over the UK, and kept the PVRT flag flying – also remember Pedro’s stage win in the Tour of Majorca – superb!

Scottish Olympic TT Champion Chris Smart

Most of the team riders are starting again next year with a new name and format but I’ll let them fill the details in when they’re ready. All I can do is wish them the very best for success and enjoyment.

Jamie Kennedy tackles this year's Logie Kirk hill climb

I have decided to stay with Paisley Velo Cycling Club and help the committee run what has become a big club with a lot of potential for the future. The West of Scotland TT League will take up most of my time from now on and look out for big developments and announcements very soon. We have a knowledgeable and very ambitious committee who will make things happen for the Scottish TT community over the next few years.

Peter Murdoch: Scottish 25-Mile TT Champion 2014